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16 12 11

Thanks for everything!

How do we begin? Today marks the end of our campaign working with the amazing team at Battlefront and it has got to have been one of the biggest journeys of our life so far...we cannot believe its over.

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07 12 11

Diana Award winner!

Is it really December already? This year campaigning has simply flown! Two weeks ago Joseph and Mu-hamid (support team member) addressed the ‘NEET to Ready to Work’ seminar at the Policy Exchange public forum, an event where key decision makers attended to express their views as well as listen to ours.

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17 11 11

Joseph & Hafsah's Big News Break

"'Lost generation' blighted by unemployment at risk of debt, depression and self-loathing, warn experts." This is one of the many articles breaking the news that youth unemployment has risen past the devastating million mark. So yesterday, we both gave our reaction to the new stats. Here's Hafsah's BBC Leicester clip (1h27m in)

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11 11 11

Joseph's Campaign Update!

  Hey everyone – It’s Joseph here! We hope you're well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. 

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28 10 11

Ready For Work: 7 weeks to go!

I write this morning’s blog from a very steamy bus on a wet and cold morning here in Leicester. Winter is so on the way and sadly there's only 7 weeks left of the campaign... however, we're more determined than ever! With the ear of the Employment Minister and our new found partnership with JobCentre Plus, we are currently very busy trying to setup our work experience program.

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18 10 11

Since Our Big Event!

So, since our #walk4work, youth unemployment has just been everywhere, constantly. It’s GREAT! Not the situation, but the fact people are talking about it. People are beginning to realise that we really do care about our future.

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14 10 11

Walk For Work... Worked!

This week has been epic! We’re now three months into the campaign and it really is in full swing. On Monday our Walk for Work was immense; we walked from Denmark Street to the House of Commons and on arrival met the Minister for Employment, Chris Grayling. Not only did he decide to back our campaign, he’s pledged to get the Job Centre to work with us provide 1000 new work experience placements across the country.

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10 10 11

Walk For Work - UPDATE

Walk For Work has been an amazing success for Joseph and Hasfah. Bosses left their buildings to come out and talk with our young people and collect their CVs. But that's not the big news. The walk ended at the Houses of Parliament, where our campaigners met with Employment Minister Chris Grayling. What happened next is AMAZING... but we'd better let Joseph and Hasfah tell you all about it themselves in their next blog post.

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07 10 11

Young People and Money Panel

On Tuesday we attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. With the Conservative Party having the biggest majority of MP's in government, we were keen to be there as they have a strong impact on the decisions that are made in government. We had the privilege of sitting on two debates as panelists with Joseph sitting on the 'Young People and Money' panel in the afternoon and Hafsah on the 'Postive for Youth' panel in the evening.

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21 09 11

Work experience: the key to getting a job

As I write this blog I'm in fact on my way to work...yes that's right I now have a job. The last two and a half weeks have been a real eye opener. On the 31st of August it was revealed that having lived with my Mum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire we'd now have to move due to our tenancy on the house expiring. Despite having the offer to live with either of my parents, the prospect of living in an even more remote area of the county with no public transport as well as the fact that there are very few jobs in Lincolnshire for me moving was the only option.

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