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Hey everyone! 

We've finally had the chance to sit down and write a blog, these last couple of weeks have been absolutely busy and insane and jam packed with meetings but we're still motivated and more excited than ever. 

We've been in London since Wednesday when we had a meeting with Stephen Budd Management to talk about our idea of releasing a campaign song in the charts - he absolutely loved our idea and we're now in talks with a singer from an upcoming band - who's also mates with The Arctic Monkeys, so fingers crossed! 

Yesterday, we came into Raw TV's office just to sort a few things out... but today's been the huge day! 

We started off by meeting with Dave - the branding agency that have branded the likes of Orange! Wow! It was a hugely productive meeting which overran as usual but we're now looking at creating a short film to promote our campaign... then... we rushed to Sony for the all important meeting with the one and only Chipmunk (Chip to us)... 

He was so enthusiastic about our ideas and what we're doing and left us feeling very inspired. We got some amazing quotes like, 'take life slow and steady', and 'everyone has a gift'... but you'll have to wait for the brilliant footage to find out how we got on!

Till then, thank you for all your support so far and keep following the tweets and liking us on Facebook and generally spreading the word about our campaign!