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Busy streets


Wanna be part of the Battlefront family? We’re looking for enthusiastic networkers to join our first ever Battlefront Street Team!


To help put this year’s Battlefront campaigns on the map, we’re recruiting young people from around the country to start spreading Battlefront news across cyberspace and getting involved in a number of ways.


What you could be doing

1: Spreading the word about Battlefront online


2: Attending Battlefront events and debates


3: Encouraging friends to help with street team activities


4: Visiting the Battlefront office and meeting the team


5: Doing talks about Battlefront at school/college


What we hope you’ll get out of it

1: Experience! You’ll learn lots about online promotion and social networking as well as how production companies like Raw (the peeps that make Battlefront) operate.


2: Contacts! You’ll be working closely with members of the Battlefront Team at Raw TV, as well as presenters and the campaigners themselves.


3: Fun! You could get to come to Battlefront events (which are always awesome) and help out on exciting things.


4: Being involved, literally! This is your chance to do an important job on a great project and stand up for something you believe in.


5: Pride! Being part of something positive is an amazing feeling, especially when you see it succeed. As a member of the Street Team, you can expect lots of proud-of-yourself moments.


How  to join us

If you're interested in helping out with a campaign, email us at [email protected], stating which campaign's street team you'd like to join and why.


Thanks Potential Street-Teamer