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What is it?

What is Battlefront? - A little bit more about Battlefront, its campaigners and activities
Our famous Battlefronters - We've notched up quite a few celebrity friends over the years. Come and see!
Meet Mawaan - A little more about Battlefront's online presenter
Relevant links - Links to organisations we think are awesome

The Campaigns

Ready for work - Joseph and Hafsah want more jobs for young people
Beat The Streets -
Rymel wants to set up dance schools so that kids have things to do after school
Sign up, speak up, save lives -
Hope and Abby want more people to know and talk about organ donation
Find the sport you love -
Billy and Richard want sports to be more readily available to everyone
Let's talk about sex -
Shereece wants better peer-led sex education in schools
Meet the experts -
Lists the experienced campaigners who're helping out Battlefront
Class of 2010 -
Find out more about last year's campaigners and their causes


Our video playlists - From celebrity friends, to campaigner activities, to events. Watch the videos here


The latest events - Find out about Battlefront's activities at big events

Get involved

The Crowd - How do your opinions on big issues compare to the Crowd?
Sign ups - Sign up to our campaigns here
Polls - Take part in one of our many polls
Quiz - What kind of campaigner are you? Leader or layabout? Take the quiz to find out
Street teams - Want to get involved? Find out how to join our street teams
Your photos - Send us your campaign photos


Competitions - Your chance to win all kinds of cool stuff is waiting in our competitions page


Keep up to date on the latest Battlefront happenings