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Remember Bella, Alex, Carney, Luke, Ed, Anastasia, Kaya, Eliza and all the good times from 2010...

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Date Uploaded: 21.04.11

Battlefront Season 2 was all about getting jobs for autistic people, votes for 16 year olds, and getting real images into magazines. What will season 3 hold? You can still apply to be part of the new series at

Top Picks from 2010

Bella Tommey: Give Autism A Chance

Bella Tommy's campaign photos

Bella's campaign was all about proving that by giving autism a chance, those that suffer with it can put something back into society and work to support themselves and their family...

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Kaya Cheyanne: Natural Beauty; Keeping It Real

Kaya Cheyanne's campaign photos

Kaya's campaign aimed to promote positive body image and bring back natural beauty. She wanted to tackle the distorted pictures we see all around us every day...

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Alex Loughlin: Meet Your Street

Alex Loughlin's campaign photos

Alex's Meet Your Street campaign was all about bringing neighbourhoods together. He wanted to encourage people to Meet Their Street and see the many benefits it has...

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Eliza Rebeiro: Lives Not Knives

Eliza Rebeiros campaign photos

Eliza's campaign was dedicated to showing schoolkids that gangs ruin lives. She wanted to show the younger ones that they had other options before getting caught up in gang life...

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Ella Prendergast: Lets Talk Disability

Ella Prendergast's campaign photos

Ella's campaign was all about getting young disabled and non disabled people to integrate more. She wanted people to get to know the person rather than the disability...

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Carney Bonner: Keeping it Safe Online

Carney Bonner's campaign photos

Carney's campaign was all about keeping web users safe and highlighting the effects of cyber-bullying. He wanted people to understand the damage it does to victims and how it ruins lives...

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Abbie Louise Davies: Where Is The Love?

Abbie Louise Davies's campaign photos

Abbie Louise's campaign aimed to encourage young people to have sex only when they are ready to, and when they want to, Not when they feel like they have to...

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Luke & Ed: The Smile High Club

Luke & Ed's campaign photos

Luke and Ed's campaign was dedicated to getting Britain smiling as a nation. Their research proved that smiling boosts your mood and your health, so they encouraged people to do it a whole lot more...

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Abbi Morrall-Faulkner: Anti-Bullying Shared

Abbi Morrall-Faulkner's campaign photos

Abbi's campaign focused on getting a Government-supported system put in schools that would help victims of bullying, advise parents and provide detailed national statistics...

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Aakash Bharania: Same Job Same Dosh

Aakash Bharania's campaign photos

Aakash thought it was outrageous that the current minimum wage discriminates on age. His campaign was all about young employees being treated equally...

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Anastasia Kyriacou: Where's Our Vote?

Anastasia Kyriacou's campaign photos

Anastasia's campaign was devoted to lowering the voting age to sixteen. She wanted to abolish the negative stereotype often burdened on young people and allow the future generation's voices to be heard loud and clear...

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