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16 12 11

Thanks to everyone

Find the sport you love.... The journey!!  So it has come to the end for me and Billy on what I can say has been an experience of a life time!!  As you know battlefront has been behind myself and Billy's campaign to get more young people involved in sport. I would just like to say a massive thanks to the team at battlefront HQ for the effort and support they have given our campaign. It's safe to say without them our young voices wouldn't have been heard. 

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10 11 11


As you know throughout our campaign we have spoken about how sport makes you physically mentally and social strong. I never thought I (Richard) would be in a situation were my basketball career, the sport I love, would be taken away from me.

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06 10 11

The boys meet Eds Miliband & Izzard

Last week was a pretty big week for our campaign... First up, we met with Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband! It was a great opportunity to get the possible future Prime Minister of this country and to get his views on our campaign. Ed fully understood the benefits of sport and how it can improve young people and keep them away from anti-social things (like gangs), give them better health, and give them a more positive outlook on life.

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19 09 11

Sport you love - and the Foreign Office

This week I have been taking part in top secret filming in the office used to run the whole of India in the Empire days. That's the  Foreign Office to you and me. When I arrived I was greeted by top-end security! I had to part from Facebook and twittering, as my phone was put into a secure vault.

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10 09 11

A super Super Saturday

It is now 9pm here! Still at Clapham Common and Taio Cruz has just finished on stage which is the signal that it is the end of Super Saturday! The whole day wasy amaZing, we got to talk to LOADS of people about the campaign and they were backing us all the way! Our Facebook likes have gone through the roof, so if you haven't already make sure you like the page.    As part of the show, we had some awesome challenges set by Georgie:

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09 09 11

Find the sport you love (this Saturday)!

Another busy and fun-filled day today. After all the hype of yesterday with the marking of one year to go to the Paralympics in london our brains were full of new and exciting ideas. We had a great meeting with our PR agency Eden CanCan and we have to say a massive thanks to Nick Ede for his wisdom and advice.

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08 09 11

Taking sport to the people

Arrived in London late last night and with only four hours sleep had to get up to go to the International Paralympic day in Trafalgar Square. This marks the official one year countdown to the start of the Paralympics, so we are here with our GB teammates representing our country and doing three wheelchair basketball demos.

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23 08 11

Richard: To the training camps!

And so last week saw me meeting the amazing Sugababes (pleasure), the following weekend was a one of hard training for both myself and Billy - at the British wheelchair Basketball Elite summer camp (pain!). Just kidding. I always enjoy going to these camps, as it is a chance to see all the young people across the country taking part in basketball and having the same love and drive for the game as we do!

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22 08 11

My meeting with the Sugababes

So I recently had what can only be described as a fun and awesome day. The day had only one purpose - to get an amazing interview and support from the Sugababes! The girls were amazing. So chatty and so engaging with the campaign.

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09 08 11

Chillin' with Devlin at Underage Fest

Hi all, just wanted to check in, oh and tell to you about a little festival I went to called Underage.  Me and my sister Ruby went down the night. We went for a meal at a nice burger place, and the burger I had was AMAZING! Sorry, just had to put that in. Then it was up bright and early for Underage!  When we got there the gates hadn't been opened so me and my sister (Ruby) got to look around with it being empty! It was the first festival I had been to, and I was impressed! 

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