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Wow, what a day. Billy and Richard have well and truly rocked the Super Saturday festival, getting hundreds more followers for their campaign, hanging out with the Sugababes and getting more young people to try sport out for size.

Super Saturday marked one year to go till the Paralympics, so there were loads of sporting stars showing off their skills as well as performances from Chipmunk, The Saturdays, Pixie Lott (who did a press up just for us) and of course the Sugababes. 

We even met cage fighter Alex Reid, AND there was a rainbow (sadly it wasn't a double one.)

The Wanted


If you signed up to Find the Sport You Love today, thank you! Every "like" will help us show the world that we're serious about this campaign. There's still lots you can do to help:

* You can get friends and family to sign up to the campaign on Facebook, and follow Billy and Richard on Twitter.. 

* You can retweet our hashtag #letsgetphysical, and help spread the word!

* You can change your profile pic to one where you're pulling an intense sport pose. Fists in the air, doing a press-up (see pics below), having a little jump. Anything active. 

* You can post links up to our Super Saturday content, if you think you can do this drop a line to [email protected] and we'll send you stuff before anyone else gets it.

* You can... do your own thing. If you've got a great idea to raise awareness about the campaign today, let us know about it.

We'll be posting more pics and videos soon so keep an eye out for yourself.

Find out more about this event on the Sainsbury Super Saturday official site, and keep it here for more info on how YOU can get involved!