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Hi all, just wanted to check in, oh and tell to you about a little festival I went to called Underage. 

Me and my sister Ruby went down the night. We went for a meal at a nice burger place, and the burger I had was AMAZING! Sorry, just had to put that in. Then it was up bright and early for Underage! 

When we got there the gates hadn't been opened so me and my sister (Ruby) got to look around with it being empty! It was the first festival I had been to, and I was impressed! 

We had a tent set up with a basketball hoop outside it. I challenged the young folks there to beat me at a basketball shoot out - none of them beat me though ;) 

I got to interview Midnight Beast! They were so cool and fun, and could shoot a basketball! Well one of them could... Check it out here:

I also interviewed Labrinth and he was mega cool, and very supportive of our campaign.  

But the next interview I got to do was with DEVLIN!!! Now I am a massive Devlin fan and have been for a while, so when I got told I could interview him I actually thought I was going to cry. I didn't. I just wanna say that I didn't cry.

When I was with him I couldn't believe it. I had to keep pinching myself. He was cool and down to earth! You can tell the fame like hasn't changed him.

The interview was amazing and he was also really supportive. But I can't say much about his basketball shooting. I gave him two shots. He missed. Then I gave him a bonus shot, which he also missed. Stick to your day job, Devs! 

My last interview was with Roll Deep! They were all hyper and bouncing about everywhere, and still did an amazing interview. They had good advice to give, and they also dunked - which was cooool! Check em out here:

Everyone's been amazing so far, but we still have lots to do, so please do encourage anyone you think might be interested in our campaign to pledge their support, and follow our progress on Facebook and on Twitter. Thanks folks!

So yes, that was my Friday. Not bad, eh? What did you get up to? ;)