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Leading the charge, and helping our campaigners every step of the way are our presenters Mawaan ‘Malum’ Rizwan and Georgie 'Georgie' Okell.

Mawaan - Isn't he cute?

Mawaan Rizwan

Mawaan is a self-made youtube sensation and winner of last year's Battlefront presenter competition. This year Mawaan is in charge of a) wearing tight purple lycra, b) comedy dancing and c) all the pens. Mawaan brings the funny, and most importantly, the biscuits. He's the eyes, ears, heart and nostrils of the Battlefront machine, and basically, we love him. Check out some of his comedy videos at  And let's not forget, people, Mawaan is on Twitter!

Got a question for Mawaan?

If you want to ask Mawaan a question, email it to us at [email protected] and we'll ask him the best ones and post the answers soon.

Georgie OkellGeorgie - Just delightful!

Georgie is the newest addition to both the Battlefront family and T4's formidable cadre of telly presenters. Georgie's recent past includes working for a record company, and she is guilty of writing the occasional blog post about music. You can find out even more about Georgie on the T4 site, and you can follow her on Twitter too. Between them, Georgie and Mawaan make a formidible presenting front, a Battlefront, perhaps (yes, we went there)...

Got a question for Georgie?

If you want to ask Georgie a question, send it into this email address: [email protected] and we'll put the best ones to the lady. 

Jameela JamilJameela

Jameela stepped in for Georgia to present our 6th T4 show helping Hope and Abby in their World Record attempt at Covent Garden.

Jameela's always been a massive support to Battlefront, she's got a big heart and an even bigger smile. We heart her basically.

You can find out more about Jameela's T4 work here...