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Billy and Richard are taking their Find a Sport You Love campaign to the Labour Party Conference.

The annual Labour shindig, which takes place in Liverpool from 25th – 29th of September 2011, will see members of the opposition taking part in debates aiming to shape Labour's vision for Britain.

The sporty Battlefront twosome will be taking the opportunity to spread word about their campaign and do their best to drum up support from key members of the Labour Party.

We’ll be there filming with Billy and Richard, so if you’re attending too, come give us a nudge.

AND we can reveal that Richard will be doing something very exciting at the Conference, but at the moment that's top secret so we must shush.

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And if you've got a big business idea, an awesome invention, a community campaign idea or you're the next Steven Spielberg - you should enter Labour's Young British Talent Showcase here. There's a work placement up for grabs and the chance to show off your talent at the Conference.