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Another busy and fun-filled day today. After all the hype of yesterday with the marking of one year to go to the Paralympics in london our brains were full of new and exciting ideas.

We had a great meeting with our PR agency Eden CanCan and we have to say a massive thanks to Nick Ede for his wisdom and advice.

As you all (hopefully) know we are at Super Saturday tomorrow and we have been getting really excited. Nick gave us some crucial advice to help us with the interviewing of the celebs; and that was to make sure we get some great gripping videos for you guys to watch!

Four main points for us both to follow were:

  • Twitpic the celebs we are with so make sure to follow twitter tomorrow
  • Get the celebs to tweet about meeting us and our campaign
  • Get our three main reasons for the campaign and
  • Get them engaging in our story 

Plus you never know, we might find out some deep dark secrets, so make sure you follow along. Here's the vid

We'd also like to say a big thank you to Nick for the little gifts he gave us both (see the pic), two amazing team GB bracelets from Links of London! Don't worry, yours will be in the shops soon enough =)

Finally, today was the launch of something big – a photo viral of us doing some press ups showing us getting physical for Find The Sport You Love. 

We want EVERYONE to upload a picture of them doing a press up and getting physical for the campaign then upload it to our Facebook page. See our attempts here:

We will be getting LOADS of people to do this tomorrow at Super Saturday, so get yours in too. The more bizarre the location the better!

Cheers all, and if you're going to Super Saturday, come and say 'Hi'

Billy & Richard

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