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So I recently had what can only be described as a fun and awesome day.

The day had only one purpose - to get an amazing interview and support from the Sugababes!

The girls were amazing. So chatty and so engaging with the campaign.

Hearing a few personal background stories made the interview really interesting. I didn't want the interview to just be all questions so I set the girls a little basketball related challenge. Who do you think will come out on top? Watch the video to find out...

It was good to hear how much the girls use Twitter to get feedback on their songs, so I was really pleased when they all tweeted me on @SportULove showing their support - now I just need to figure out how to get them to like our Facebook page. Hmm...

And I'm showing my support to them too - I'll be buying their awesome single Freedom out on 25th September. Check it out on their official site.