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16 08 11

Young Voters Question Time - We were there!

Hey everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying these last few weeks of the summer break, it seems to be flying past and what an eventful summer it’s been so far! After last week’s mass rioting across England, we were given the opportunity to attend the BBC’s Young Voters Question Time special episode on the riots aired live last Friday.

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11 08 11

Hope: My thoughts on the UK riots

Hi, Hope here. I wanted to talk about my hometown of Croydon and how the riots have affected it. These are my thoughts on the riots, and the people who have taken part in them...

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09 08 11

Joseph and Hafsah hit Underage

Where to start?! A lot has happened since we last blogged, but the main highlight has got to be Friday!  We were lucky enough to be invited to Underage Festival in London, BUT that's not all... We were there to film our very own T4 show with the amazing T4 presenter, Georgie Okell. 

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09 08 11

Hope: My day at Underage

Hi guys, it's Hope here :)  On Friday 5th August, I was lucky enough to be able to go with the Battlefront team to the Underage Festival in Hackney.  We started by filming the intro for a video and then we went straight into some great campaigning - getting loads of people to sign up to our campaigns. 

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09 08 11

Chillin' with Devlin at Underage Fest

Hi all, just wanted to check in, oh and tell to you about a little festival I went to called Underage.  Me and my sister Ruby went down the night. We went for a meal at a nice burger place, and the burger I had was AMAZING! Sorry, just had to put that in. Then it was up bright and early for Underage!  When we got there the gates hadn't been opened so me and my sister (Ruby) got to look around with it being empty! It was the first festival I had been to, and I was impressed! 

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