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09 12 11

My Campaign So Far

Throughout my campaign with Battlefront I have been trying to encourage people to talk openly about mental health to break down stigma. During campaigning, more and more people have sent me links to blogs, videos and podcasts of them or someone talking about their own mental health issues.

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04 11 11

Start Talking Mental Hits The Cyberspace

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25 10 11

Celebs Talk Mental Illness

I'm campaigning to encourage young people to talk about mental health openly, to break down the stigma of mental illness. Celebrities have a big impact on our society and have a particularly large influence on young people. Many showbiz stars have spoken about their own mental illnesses. I hope that by highlighting these, it will encourage other people to do the same.

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10 10 11

Katya advocates mental health talk

It's World Mental Health Day and Katya has chosen today to announce her aim to become an advocate for young people with mental health issues... "I believe that there should be a Young Mental Health National Advocate to represent mental health issues from a young perspective who could work together with mental health charities and the government.

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03 10 11

Katya attends the British Youth Debate

Katya kicks off Mental Health Week with a blog about putting her questions to ... Today I went with Shereece (Let's Talk About Sex) to the British Youth Council debate 'What's Youth Got To Do With It?' at the Conservative Conference in Manchester. We met Children's Minister Tim Loughton!

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21 09 11

Katya's blog: Week #1

Hey guys! I've done a week of campaigning now and it's so much fun, I'm loving it! Loads of people have been really supportive and sending encouraging messages which is lovely and inspires me. My campaign was promoted today in the City of Islington College by Battlefront and I'm going there myself next week so I'm really excited to talk to people about Start Talking Mental and see what they think! My campaign was also announced in assembly at school today so hopefully that will get me some more support.

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14 09 11

A piece of my mind

Hey, I'm Katya. I'm 17 and I live in Kent. I'm so happy about being chosen as a campaigner and I'm really excited to see the impact I can make! My campaign is called Start Talking Mental and the main aim is to encourage more young people to talk openly about mental health.

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