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21 11 11

Countdown To Sign Up Week!

    Hey guys,

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04 11 11

Start Talking Mental Hits The Cyberspace

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28 10 11

Ready For Work: 7 weeks to go!

I write this morning’s blog from a very steamy bus on a wet and cold morning here in Leicester. Winter is so on the way and sadly there's only 7 weeks left of the campaign... however, we're more determined than ever! With the ear of the Employment Minister and our new found partnership with JobCentre Plus, we are currently very busy trying to setup our work experience program.

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28 10 11

My Halloween News!

  Hi, so it's nearly Halloween which is an exciting, if scary, time for many.

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09 09 11

Let's Talk About Sex meets Dance4LifeUK

  Hey, busy week!! Yesterday I taught two RESPECT lessons, which were fun because I love teaching! One of the two lessons was challenging because one of our resources (DVD) wasn't working, however I though on my feet and literally created a lesson, which met the lesson objectives and was creative and interactive, so I was proud of myself, GO REE!

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