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26 01 12

Shereece takes campaign to Wales

I had such a busy, amazing and productive time last year with my Battlefront Campaign. It truly gave me opportunities I never could have dreamed of. Although my time with Battlefront is now over, my campaign is still very much alive as promised! In fact, it recently revisited today to present my research to the Welsh Assembly!

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18 11 11

Shereece’s Sex Findings

The results of Shereece’s sex survey are in and they’re pretty amazing.. To highlight the issues at the heart of her Let’s Talk About Sex campaign, Shereece conducted a survey of schools all around the UK. The questions all related to Sex and Relationships education (SRE). You can download her report here. The results were quite incredible. Here are some of the headlines:

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11 11 11

Joseph's Campaign Update!

  Hey everyone – It’s Joseph here! We hope you're well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. 

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28 10 11

My Halloween News!

  Hi, so it's nearly Halloween which is an exciting, if scary, time for many.

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18 10 11

Big Sign Up, Big Result!

"Wow, it is hard to sum up all the things that happened on the day of our Big Sign Up and all the emotions that came with it but I am going to give it a try… Basically… 'amazing'! The event started at 3pm, with, Benedict opening the show with some beautiful and original covers and really getting the crowd warmed up!

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