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19 08 11

A level results and future job worries

Hey everyone! So on the way back from a busy day in London last night, we realized that it was actually Results Day in the morning! We’ve both got our results now so here’s how we’re feeling...  Hafsah - I’ve just picked my AS results up in Maths, Chemistry, Politics, and Economics and I must say, I’m SO relieved! I’ve got four As and I’m very pleased but I still have a year left so the determination and motivation will still go on! 

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07 07 11

Joseph and Hafsah: Our mission

Hey, we’re Joseph and Hafsah and our campaign is all about Youth Unemployment. There're nearly 1 million young people who are unemployed at the moment – it’s a huge number! It feels like our generation is really suffering because of the recession, and it’s not even our fault. It’s a vicious cycle – we can’t get a job without experience, and we can’t get experience without a job...

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