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Hey, we’re Joseph and Hafsah and our campaign is all about Youth Unemployment.

There're nearly 1 million young people who are unemployed at the moment – it’s a huge number! It feels like our generation is really suffering because of the recession, and it’s not even our fault. It’s a vicious cycle – we can’t get a job without experience, and we can’t get experience without a job...

We’re both really active people politically and we are passionate about doing something about young people's job prospects. Our goal is simple... we want to find more ways for employers to be able to employ young people, so we can all get the first step on the ladder that we need.

We want to make a big noise and make sure the government takes real action to help us all get jobs. Then we want to come up with imaginative ways to get employers to notice young people and all our amazing talents!!

We need YOUR support so that we can unite together and make a difference. Follow us on twitter, like our facebook page and spread the word!
Email us or Facebook us if you’ve had an experience trying (and failing) to get a job, we want to help.

You can email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.