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We have had an awesome day today at the Norfolk Spectacular. We were lucky enough to see our amazing celebrity mentor Alexandra Burke again and see her perform on stage.

We took a lovely foam lad called Brian around to meet all the different celebs and they had to stick on his organs which are transplantable and in the right place. We had some interesting runs with that. Mainly Hope’s disgraceful performance where she failed to recognize the small bowel which was the organ her brother had transplanted!

Luckily Abby recognized it and knew it was transplantable. One that really confused and surprised people was the pancreas!

You'll have to watch our T4 show to see which celeb out of Alexandra, Chipmunk and Young Knives scored the highest! 

Right now we are completely exhausted. Taking the campaign to an event like Norfolk is pretty knackering, but we know that it helped us push our campaign into the spotlight. Next week, more plans for our massive sign up week, and getting even more people to sign the register and speak UP about organ donation.

All in all we have had a great day running around getting sign ups to our campaign with Georgie from t4 and the quote of the day goes to Hope with ‘I like walking backwards, Its just like walking forwards really only backwards’. Very philosophical, Hope!!


Hope and Abby x

PS. Thanks to all the people who were on the battlefront stand promoting our campaign particularly Georgia with all her forcing ipads into people’s hands! And Mawaan who had a pretty awesome red morph-suit on with a heart shaped tabard to raise awareness for our campaign.

After an awesome day, we headed back to London feeling very tired! Watch out for our video blogs and check out our Twitter and Facebook action of the day!