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26 09 11

Radio Abby

Wow! It has been such a busy day! As you will hopefully know, we had our show broadcast on Sunday, so last week was all about trying to get press coverage to let people know about the campaign and make sure they watch the show! On Friday morning I headed out to BBC Radio Surrey to do an interview about the campaign...

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22 09 11

Peace & Shereece

Yesterday was another eventful day. Not only was I swamped with work at City Hall (for the Cultural Olympiad), it was WORLD PEACE DAY!!! London's O2 Arena held a special WPD event called Peace One Day especially... and I got to go!

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21 09 11

Katya's blog: Week #1

Hey guys! I've done a week of campaigning now and it's so much fun, I'm loving it! Loads of people have been really supportive and sending encouraging messages which is lovely and inspires me. My campaign was promoted today in the City of Islington College by Battlefront and I'm going there myself next week so I'm really excited to talk to people about Start Talking Mental and see what they think! My campaign was also announced in assembly at school today so hopefully that will get me some more support.

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21 09 11

Work experience: the key to getting a job

As I write this blog I'm in fact on my way to work...yes that's right I now have a job. The last two and a half weeks have been a real eye opener. On the 31st of August it was revealed that having lived with my Mum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire we'd now have to move due to our tenancy on the house expiring. Despite having the offer to live with either of my parents, the prospect of living in an even more remote area of the county with no public transport as well as the fact that there are very few jobs in Lincolnshire for me moving was the only option.

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20 09 11

Our Lib Dem outing

Hi Guys! We are back after a very busy but very productive day at the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham! We headed up in the morning, and after a few unplanned trips around the canals, arrived in the right place and met up with our awesome mentor Ali Goldsworthy!

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