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As I write this blog I'm in fact on my way to work...yes that's right I now have a job.

The last two and a half weeks have been a real eye opener. On the 31st of August it was revealed that having lived with my Mum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire we'd now have to move due to our tenancy on the house expiring.

Despite having the offer to live with either of my parents, the prospect of living in an even more remote area of the county with no public transport as well as the fact that there are very few jobs in Lincolnshire for me moving was the only option.

Now as you know until now I've never been employed so for me the whole thing was a complete learning curve. Having recognised that applying to jobs directly with employers can be very competitive, I enlisted the support of the recruitment agency Adecco in Leicester.

The great thing about agencies is that if you impress them they'll try and sell you to their clients, so as you can imagine presentation and the first impression are everything!

Within a week the agency managed to secure me an interview for a role within a leading department store's HQ and the rest is history!

So how did I manage to get a job in two and a half weeks when some of us have applied for over 150 jobs? The key... 'work experience, work experience, work experience'! Don't get me wrong, yes I was a little lucky and yes, being as OCD as I am about presentation does help but what I was fed back from both the agency and my employer is that my experience is what impressed them.

Where's the catch? Well, admittedly it is only a temporary contract, although their 'seeking to find permanent staff' through our intake, however if your desperate to earn some money like I was and say move etc, then seriously give it a go! It's rewarding and certainly more satisfying then filling application after application and not having a 'humane' response. Ans if you haven't got experience, don't worry Hafsah and I are on the case!

Stay strong and hey why not speak to your local recruitment office today?


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