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Hey guys!

I've done a week of campaigning now and it's so much fun, I'm loving it! Loads of people have been really supportive and sending encouraging messages which is lovely and inspires me.

My campaign was promoted today in the City of Islington College by Battlefront and I'm going there myself next week so I'm really excited to talk to people about Start Talking Mental and see what they think! My campaign was also announced in assembly at school today so hopefully that will get me some more support.

I've spoken on the phone to YoungMinds this week and am hopefully going to arrange to meet someone from the charity to explain my campaign and find out a bit more about what they do for young people's mental health.

I've been tweeting loads of people to try and promote my campaign but I've had to do it in moderation as the last time I did that Twitter suspended my account for spamming!!! Every time I've seen that Stephen Fry has tweeted within the past 2 minutes I have sent him a tweet with a link to my campaign and trying to persuade him to retweet and follow. His 3 million followers could be quite helpful! No luck so far but I'll keep trying. I'd check 'Your tweets, retweeted' and get really excited whenever my tweet to Stephen Fry was retweeted... but then I'd check and it wasn't by him!

However, I did get Alastair Campbell to follow and retweet me!!! And a couple of other politicians which I got a bit too excited about.. ;)

Nick Clegg also mentioned the need for better mental health in his speech at the Liberal Democrats conference on Monday 21st September so hopefully this will be something that the government pay more attention to in the future!

I can't wait to go into different schools in the next few weeks and start delivering Start Talking Mental awareness sessions!

Katya x