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Hi everyone!

It is so hard to believe 6 months have gone by and we're writing the last blog already!!! We are so sad to see the end of Battlefront but massively proud of everything we have achieved. Before we say our goodbyes, here's a quick recap of some of the amazing things that have happened during our Battlefront journey!!!

Over the course of six months, we haveā€¦.

>  Been to festivals and gigs such as the Norfolk Spectacular, T4 on the Beach and the Transformation Trust

>  Gained support of celebrities including Alexandra Burke, Gok Wan and Tinchy Stryder, Bands including Scouting For Girls, The Young Knives, The Midnight Beast and even members of the cast of Hollyoaks, Skins and Made in Chelsea

> Had articles about us in local newspapers, the Evening Standard, the Metro and even the Times!

> Been to the the Lib Dem conference and chatted to MPs about organ donation

> Met with the Minister for Electoral Reform and the Minister for Health (and even secured a second meeting with the latter!)

> Held sign up stalls all over the country in an attempt to get more people signed up

> Gained over 4,500 supporters for the campaign

> Held a massive event in Covent Garden including said record attempt and a performance from Alexandra Burke

> Brought together transplant recipients of all different ages and organs received with post transplant achievements from having children and getting married to swimming the channel and winning gold medals at the transplant games

> Broken a world record for highest number of Sign Ups to the organ donor register in an hour with a whopping 321 sign ups!

And last but certainly not least, we can now reveal that over the course of the campaign we have had almost 2,000 people sign up to the organ donor register directly through our campaign!!! Amazing!

It has been such an incredible journey and we are gutted to see Battlefront winding down for this year. BUT it is not the end of Sign Up, Speak Up, Save Lives!! We are going to continue as a campaign and carry on with our aim of spreading the word and saving lives. So please keep supporting us on Facebook and Twitter and we'll keep you updated on what our plans are.

Before we finish, we have to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made the campaign a success and helped with all the incredible achievements listed above. First and foremost, everyone at Battlefront who not only gave us the opportunity in the first place but became so invested in the campaign and worked so hard to make everything happen. To everyone involved in our big Covent Garden day, particularly our brilliant transplant recipients. To our amazing mentor Ali Goldsworthy, great PR firm Eden Can Can and awesome celebrity mentor Alexandra Burke. And finally to every one of you lovely people who has followed the campaign, supported us along the way and helped us achieve so much.

Please keep watching for where we're going with the campaign but for now we will say goodbye!!!

Its been an incredible 6 months.

Love from

Hope and Abby