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Hi Guys! It’s Abby here, my turn to blog about something really exciting we did this week, our meeting with Alexandra Burke!

On Thursday we travelled to a secret location in London to meet her, we were both getting excited but a bit nervous on the way there!

Alexandra and Abby and Hope

But luckily we didn’t need to worry, Alexandra was lovely. She is so friendly and down to earth (she’s also absolutely stunning!) and was really keen to share our different experiences and hear all about the campaign. Alexandra told us all about her mum who is waiting for a kidney and how difficult it’s been watching such a strong woman become so ill and so reliant on dialysis.

We both really identified with her story, having watched our siblings get increasingly ill and desperately wait for transplant. She said the waiting game is the hardest part but she knows a transplant will really change her mum’s life, and the whole family’s lives for the better.  She said she fully supports the campaign and is happy to do anything she can to help!

We were a bit stunned afterwards, but so excited. We feel very lucky to have a celebrity supporter that is not only lovely but has a personal connection to the cause and is so passionate about it. Hopefully Alexandra’s story will remind people that anyone can need an organ which is why its so important to sign up. We are so looking forward to working with her and raising awareness which could help Alexandra's mum and the thousands of others currently waiting.

And our exciting week didn’t end there, on Monday we had a meeting with the brilliant PR firm Eden Can Can and our fantastic mentor, Ali Goldsworthy. We discussed some of the exciting things we are planning for the campaign.

Then on Tuesday Hope did an interview with Teen Now, watch this space for the article! And on Friday Hope is off the Underage Festival with some of the other Battlefront campaigners so anyone going, watch out for her there spreading the word about our campaign! And watch out for her blog on that event coming soon =)