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Wow, it's been an amazing but busy week for our campaign! This week we filmed our episode which was very exciting! On Saturday morning we got up VERY early and headed up to Norfolk for the Norfolk Spectacular. We had a crazy day, running around getting sign ups to the campaign, interviewing celebs and doing a few other awesome things that you will see in the episode.

It was the first time we'd met Georgie Okell and she was lovely and really interested in the campaign. We discovered that Georgie wasn't on the organ donor register, but was a day of campaigning with us enough to convince her to sign up? Watch our episode to find out!

We got some really interesting views from people we talked to--the very first person we came across had a cousin who'd had a kidney transplant!

Another favourite was a woman who signed up there and then and couldn't believe how quick and easy it is to sign the organ donor register.

One of our favourite bits of the day was playing the 'pin the organ on the man' game with good old Brian. The Young Knives loved it! We also played with Alexandra Burke and Chipmunk, but we're not telling you who got the highest score yet!

After a very busy day, we headed back home feeling very tired!

But our busy week had only just started. On Tuesday we filmed with Georgie and the crew again, this time with us talking about our stories and looking over photos of our siblings before and after transplant. It was very moving and we both felt quite emotional listening to each other's stories.

On Wednesday we had another meeting with our lovely mentor Ali Goldsworthy and made some more plans. We also discussed the Lib Dem conference we are heading to on Sunday!

And on Wednesday our Alexandra Burke video went up:, so you can now see Alexandra talking about the very personal reason she supports our campaign.

Today we have changed our Facebook profile picture to something pink in memory of Kennedy, who died a year ago today, aged 6, waiting for a liver and small bowel transplant that never came.

Please feel free to join us in remembering this very special little girl who is a reminder of why organ donation awareness is so important.

Hope and Abby x

You can follow Hope and Abby's campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and you can pledge your support on their campaign sign up page.