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Hey guys,

So it’s Monday and we’ve realised it is only 1 WEEK until Sign Up week! And we seriously need to get going on those sign up numbers! So to make things interesting, me and Hope have decided to go head to head!

That’s right, we are now competing for the highest number of organ donor sign ups! As well as running stalls, we are going to gather a team and get them to go out and get as many sign ups as possible by sign up week! The winner will be announced at the end, it’s all very exciting! Don't forget you can sign the organ donor register online here and just choose 'Channel 4 Battlefront' from the drop down menu. 

And that’s not all the exciting news we’ve had this week, we were amazed enough when our fab MP supporter Duncan Hames got us a mention in parliament and helped organise a meeting with the minister for health and the minister for electoral reform. He got us ANOTHER mention in the organ donation debate in Westminster Hall! Amazing! So our campaign is getting all around parliament! We are meeting the Health Minister and the Electoral Reform Minister on 30th November to tell them about our plan to getting organ donation on the electoral register – cannot wait!

Don’t forget, there is an important way you can help with our political angle! We need YOU to write to your MP, if possible get a meeting and ask for their support on this issue. Please do it guys, it could make such a big difference and help us towards our aim to get it on the electoral forms. Thanks to everyone who’s done it so far!

Watch this space for more news about our political aims, to see how me and Hope’s competition goes and to hear all about the lead up to sign up week!

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