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Hiya, its Hope here!

We have had quite a relaxing few weeks after all the hectic planning for our Sign Up Day and the amazing final result.

But we recently received some HUGE news. A few weeks ago now we went to the Lib Dem conference, where we met the awesome MP Duncan Hames. Since the meeting, we developed a fabulous idea: we have decided to try and push to get an option of signing the organ donor register on the new electoral registration forms. Genius, Duncan!

Last week Duncan Hames was in Parliament and did us a massive favour by putting the idea forward to the UK's Health Minister, Anne Milton, who was very interested and we have now bagged a meeting with her and also the person in charge of the electoral registration forms. We will be meeting them with Duncan and will hopefully be able to get our idea in! Which would mean that every single person in the UK who can vote, will get a form in front of them giving them the option of signing the organ donor register. This will save so many lives!

If you want to make sure that your MP knows about this proposal and supports it, you can click here to download this letter and send it to them. The more MP’s we have on board, the more likely this idea is to become reality. You can help save lives!

You can read about what Duncan and the health minister said about us in parliament here.

Also, we have had some really exciting news, we have found out the total number of people we got to sign the organ donor register since the beginning of the campaign so here goes *drumroll* . . . . . . 693 people!

HUGE thanks to everyone who signed up and everyone who was there on sign up day helping us get all those sign ups, and we haven't even finished yet!

Although we have that awesome total, we would really like for people to sign up and hopefully we could even triple that number by the end of the campaign so if you want to sign the register here's the link:

Over the next few weeks, me and Abby are going to get as many people signed up to the organ donor register as we can. We only have 4 weeks left of Battlefront so we need as much help as possible! It might be time for me and Abby to go head to head on this one . . . ;)

Thanks guys and write more soon :)