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Wow it has been a very busy week! As well as working hard as I am getting close to Uni deadlines, I have run two Sign Up stalls at my uni!! Armed with sweets, NHSBT fluffy bugs and Battlefront badges, me and two lovely friends, Sophie and Sara headed to my union and set up a stall to encourage people to sign the organ donor register.

As usual there was a mixed response, some people weren't interested, some actually said they didn't believe in it (to which Sara quite rightly asked 'but would you take an organ?') and quite a few were actually signed up already, mainly through their driving license. 

But others were very keen to sign up: some who had never thought about it but were fine with the idea, and others who said they had wanted to sign up for ages but had never been given the opportunity to.  Both reminded me of why it’s so important to do these stalls, to educate people about organ donation and give them a chance to easily sign up.

After a very productive two days, our total was 100!!! A great result! And just goes to show how many people are walking around who haven't currently signed up but would if they were asked. It’s been a tiring but productive couple of days, now looking forwards to a busy but exciting sign up week!

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Abby :)