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Saturday was amazing as we finally got to see our second show!

We had a sleepover so we could watch it together. It was great reliving that day in Covent Garden, I think we had both forgotten how amazing and emotional the day was. The beautiful performance by lovely Alexandra Burke and incredible stories of the transplant recipients made us well up all over again!

We are so proud of everything that was achieved that day and grateful to everyone who helped put on that awesome event.

In particular, a massive thanks has to go to the transplant recipients, I think their personal stories made all the difference that day and really encouraged people to sign up. We have also had a great response to the show online, so many people have shared the 4OD link around and posted about the show.

So as you know, for the last month Hope and I have been having a head-to-head race to see who could get the most sign-ups for the organ donor register in a month. We decided that a bit of healthy competition would be a great motivator to go all-out and get as many sign-ups as possible, which of course is the whole idea! And now the results are in…

Last time we updated you we were neck and neck, with Hope on 99 and me on 100. I now I can reveal that after lots more hard work, including both of us standing outside in the cold for hours and hours getting people to stop and sign up, the winner is… Me!

I managed to get 318 and Hope got 256. However that doesn’t matter as, like I said, the only point of doing this was to get more people on the register, and we have definitely achieved that. Between us we got 574!!! If one body can save 8 lives then that’s a possible 4592 lives saved. It feels good to have done so much in a short space of time – hooray for us and hooray for all the kind people who signed up over the last couple of weeks, you really have made such a difference.

We cant believe it's nearly the end of Battlefront

We have done so many great things during this campaign and it has been an amazing experience. We will do a proper blog about the Battlefront journey soon but for now we would just like to say how amazing Battlefront have been in helping us make a real difference.

We are definitely carrying on with our campaign (we'd be crazy not to when we have a meeting with the health minister booked in for January! =p) and we will keep in touch with everyone at Battlefront and the great contacts we made. We hope you'll keep supporting us and following us on Facebook and Twitter to see where we take it next!

Again big thanks to everyone who has helped! We set a world record!

Abby xx