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21 09 11

Work experience: the key to getting a job

As I write this blog I'm in fact on my way to work...yes that's right I now have a job. The last two and a half weeks have been a real eye opener. On the 31st of August it was revealed that having lived with my Mum in Sleaford, Lincolnshire we'd now have to move due to our tenancy on the house expiring. Despite having the offer to live with either of my parents, the prospect of living in an even more remote area of the county with no public transport as well as the fact that there are very few jobs in Lincolnshire for me moving was the only option.

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25 08 11

Ready For Work Lincs up with the BBC

Hafsah - Yesterday while campaigning in Lincoln on day three of our Midlands tour we had the honor of being invited onto BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s drive time show. For a while, we didn't think we'd make it to the BBC in time as we were waiting for over 30 mins for a taxi! But when we finally did arrive, we were relieved and excited at such a great opportunity! We've both been on radio before, just not together, so it wasn't at all scary... with the newly released unemployment figures, it was brilliant to be able to promote our campaign and get more support.

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23 08 11

J&H - On the campaign trail

Hi everyone! Yesterday was our first day of campaigning on our mega campaign trail of the Midlands and we started off in Nottingham. The sun was shining and we had an amazing support team with us - a lovely girl called Millie, who was on work experience, and Mary Kate who also applied to run a campaign on the same issue of youth unemployment.

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19 08 11

A level results and future job worries

Hey everyone! So on the way back from a busy day in London last night, we realized that it was actually Results Day in the morning! We’ve both got our results now so here’s how we’re feeling...  Hafsah - I’ve just picked my AS results up in Maths, Chemistry, Politics, and Economics and I must say, I’m SO relieved! I’ve got four As and I’m very pleased but I still have a year left so the determination and motivation will still go on! 

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16 08 11

Young Voters Question Time - We were there!

Hey everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying these last few weeks of the summer break, it seems to be flying past and what an eventful summer it’s been so far! After last week’s mass rioting across England, we were given the opportunity to attend the BBC’s Young Voters Question Time special episode on the riots aired live last Friday.

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