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Hafsah - Yesterday while campaigning in Lincoln on day three of our Midlands tour we had the honor of being invited onto BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s drive time show.

For a while, we didn't think we'd make it to the BBC in time as we were waiting for over 30 mins for a taxi! But when we finally did arrive, we were relieved and excited at such a great opportunity!

We've both been on radio before, just not together, so it wasn't at all scary... with the newly released unemployment figures, it was brilliant to be able to promote our campaign and get more support.

The radio presenter even said he loved our Battlefront t-shirts!

Joseph - Having an interview with Hafsah on air was brilliant. As Hafsah says, we've been on radio before, separately, but not together. I do enjoy radio interviews but it was so much more fun doing it together and I feel that we really bounced off each other as always and used every opportunity we could to promote Battlefront and our Ready For Work campaign.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire is my local station where I've had a lot of support from, so I was just so proud to have our campaign featured and felt honoured to be there with Hafsah.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on this link (about 1hr and 20 mins in).

Today we’re off to Leicester for the last day of our campaign trail so let’s hope the journey ends on a bang - with even more media opportunities to get the message out there!

While we're here, just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who is following us on Facebook and Twitter, and anyone who has pledged their support to the campaign. You are amazing!

Joseph & Hafsah