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Hey everyone! So on the way back from a busy day in London last night, we realized that it was actually Results Day in the morning! We’ve both got our results now so here’s how we’re feeling... 

Hafsah - I’ve just picked my AS results up in Maths, Chemistry, Politics, and Economics and I must say, I’m SO relieved! I’ve got four As and I’m very pleased but I still have a year left so the determination and motivation will still go on! 

I guess now I need to start preparing for Uni stuff and perfect my personal statement to continue my passion for Politics & Economics at Uni, in the hope that together we can try and decrease the number of young people out of work, because I would quite like a job after uni!

I hope you guys are pleased with your results and that you can also follow your passion, whatever or wherever that might be…

Joseph - Having now obtained my A2 results, I feel both relieved but equally lost. A-Levels have got to be the busiest years of school so to have completed them I’m very relieved. Despite being on a gap year pursuing projects including Battlefront and several campaigns I’m running as a Member of Youth Parliament, it is somewhat scary to have completed my studies whilst we hear of youth unemployment at a record high. 

University appears to be the most sensible option for me, but strong graduate unemployment is prominent. Are you in a similar situation? 

Nonetheless, I really hope you’ve had good results. Stay strong and I’m sure you’ll support me in congratulating Hafsah for her wonderful achievement!

Check out our Facebook page for today’s news on results and work, there is an amazing article in The Independent! 

Let us know how you got on and how you’re feeling and of course whether you’ve got into the Uni you want and your plans for the future!

Hafsah Ali & Joseph Hayat