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18 10 11

Big Sign Up, Big Result!

"Wow, it is hard to sum up all the things that happened on the day of our Big Sign Up and all the emotions that came with it but I am going to give it a try… Basically… 'amazing'! The event started at 3pm, with, Benedict opening the show with some beautiful and original covers and really getting the crowd warmed up!

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04 09 11

Have you met Brian yet?

We have had an awesome day today at the Norfolk Spectacular. We were lucky enough to see our amazing celebrity mentor Alexandra Burke again and see her perform on stage.

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03 09 11

Sign Up, Speak Up, Saves Lives heads for Norfolk

Today we are going to the Norfolk Spectacular to film our TV episode for battlefront and we are verryyyy exciteeeddd!!!! To show support for our campaign while we are out campaigning you can make a ‘handy heart’ in a picture. This is showing that you support organ donation awareness J

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