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Throughout my campaign with Battlefront I have been trying to encourage people to talk openly about mental health to break down stigma.

During campaigning, more and more people have sent me links to blogs, videos and podcasts of them or someone talking about their own mental health issues.

This is amazing to see and people have told me that it really helps. It's great to know that there are people who agree with me and now that I know how many people feel the same as me, it makes me want to do more.

The highlights of my campaign to me would be attending the Tory Party Conference and the London Cyber Space Conference. I was really lucky to be able to pose a question at the Tory Conference and now I know that there are MPs who think more should be done for young people's mental health.

The London Cyber Space Conference gave me the opportunity to meet amazing young people all campaigning for issues of their own and it was great to see what a wide spectrum of issues young people care about.

It has also been great to receive support from various famous people such as Stephen Fry, Alistair Campbell, David Williams, Boy George and William Hague.

Now I am trying to get a national youth ambassador for mental health. I plan to carry this on after battlefront and I have already started the process and it's really exciting!

I can't wait to see what I can achieve with my campaign and I really believe in it so will try to do as much as I can. This is only the start!

Check out the video I made at the start of my campaign and make sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.