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Do you want to know what organisations and resources are out there to help young people into work? Look no further than our directory of awesome (companies)!

Children's Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Maggie Atkinson and her team work to promote the views of children and young people. They aim to ensure that the views and best-interests of young people are considered by policy makers. Their site allows young people to upload content, and answer questions – giving them the chance to have their say.
Telephone: 020 7783 8330


Website that allows people to find volunteering opportunities in their local areas, connecting people who need help with those who want to help them. It offers over a million opportunities to volunteer. They are funded by YouthNet – UK’s leading online charity, providing advice, information and support to young people – provide emotional support to young people through online support and guidance. Also – fund Lifetracks – provide impartial information and advice to young people – specifically about how to get a job.
Telephone: 020 7250 5779


Offer inspiring courses to 16-25 year olds, helping them to develop the skills to make the most of their lives. From practical communication skills to helping edit their youth magazine they provide all sorts of exciting opportunities for young people.

National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)

Provide a web-based matching service for young people to find Apprenticeships in their area/industry of choice.
Telephone: 0207 904 0791 (media) 02476 826482

New Deal of The Mind

A coalition of artists, entrepreneurs and opinion formers who recognise the economic, social and cultural value of Britain's creative talent.
Telephone: 0207 845 5830

Princes's Trust

Charity dedicated to helping young people Not in Education, Employment and Training – give practical and financial support to those who need it most, helping young people to develop the skills they need to allow them to move into employment.
Telephone: 0800 842842


TAG aims to help young job seekers who lack many qualifications and thus have very limited career prospects. They run a six month training programme for young people interested in finding work in the leisure industry.
Telephone: 0203 3271300


Website that provides details of volunteering opportunities available for people aged between 16-25. They run specific projects designed to engage young people who are typically under-represented in volunteering (for example those from ethnic minorities, or NEETs)
Telephone: 0800 089 9000

Youth Employment Action (YEA)

Is a transnational group of European youth organizations who all work together to improve the position of young people in Europe with regards to the job market. Don’t seem to have any UK based projects

Future You

Please visit FutureYou for live advice and support for employment, training and careers. FutureYou is an online community of support and counselling from trained peer mentors (14-25 years old), FutureYou Mentors, professional advisers and accredited counsellors, in real-time.

British Youth Council

Their mission is to empower young people aged under 25, wherever they are from to have a say and be heard. They want young people to have a voice and campaign on issues they believe in. They want to inspire them to have a positive impact and gain recognition for their positive contribution to communities, society and the world.
Telephone: 0845 458 1489


Aimed at young people who make the decision to not go to uni. They believe that contrary to what the masses say, university really isn't the only path to success. NotGoingToUni gives advice, inspiration and the tools to make informed decisions to start building your future.
Telephone: 0208 787 7047

Catch 22

Local charity with a national reach, helping young people out of seemingly impossible situations. They assist young people in all areas from developing confidence to finding a place to live. They run many services including community activities, substance misuse, youth justice and offender management.
Telephone: 020 7336 4800

Change Makers

Their aim is to harness the leadership potential in young people aged 18 - 30 in the UK to develop a new generation of leaders. They offer a year long programme of training, coaching, peer support and real world leadership experiences for young people.
Telephone: 020 7527 8802


Whether it be film, television, radio, new media or advertising, 4Talent aims at providing a showcase platform for new talent. They offer work experience and apprenticeships as well as real life scenario's to help kick start young people's media career.

Media Trust

A charitable organisation which runs a youth mentoring scheme for disadvantaged 13 - 25 year olds working on media projects. Media professionals with expertise in areas such as production, journalism, photography and editing offer their free time and use their experience and knowledge to help young people make a real impact.


A programme designed to create future leaders in politics and public life by developing Britains next generation of public and community leaders. It recruits talented young people from diverse backgrounds and equips them with the life skills, experience and confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow and change their communities for the better.
Telephone: 020 8980 6263


Envision offers programmes for young people aged between 16 and 19 to empower them to realise their capacity to make a difference. Through leadership programmes and volunteering opportunities, Envision programmes help young people design their own local community projects and receive a powerful and rewarding experience of making a positive difference.
Telephone: 0207 253 1677

UK Youth Parliament

Youth organisation of elected members between the ages of 11 and 18, chosen to represent the views of young people in their local area to government and service providers. Members meet and hold debates and plan campaigns. UKYP enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better.
Telephone: 0845 2501299

Social Mobility Foundation

Aims to support high-achieving young people from low income backgrounds into the top universities and professions. They offer programmes providing mentoring, university application support and skills development to students predicted to achieve ABB or above at A-Level and who are in receipt of Educational Maintenance Allowance.
Telephone: 0207 953 4007