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Joseph and Hafsah are supporting a campaign against the riots. 

Our dynamic Battlefront duo are taking part in National Council for Voluntary Youth Services’ campaign, ‘Not In My Name’, in which supporters post pics of themselves holding those very words to show that not all young people have been involved in the violence.

The plan is to circulate these pics across Facebook and Twitter (#notinmyname) in an attempt to stop those angered by the riots tarring all young people with the same brush. 

You can support the ‘Not In My Name’ campaign by taking a photo of yourself holding a sign/piece of paper saying #notinmyname and emailing it to [email protected]. Or you can tweet the pic to @ncvys (make sure you use the #notinmyname hashtag too). 

For more – hop over here.

And to support Joseph and Hafsah’s campaign, Ready For Work, visit their campaign page here.