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05 10 11

The Lib Dems talk Organ Donation

Hope and Abby went to this year's Liberal Democrat Party Conference to promote their campaign. They debated the big issues... and then played some organ games. They also discovered with a revolutionary new way to give people the opportunity to sign the organ donor register. Not bad for a day's work, Hope and Abby!  

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26 09 11

Radio Abby

Wow! It has been such a busy day! As you will hopefully know, we had our show broadcast on Sunday, so last week was all about trying to get press coverage to let people know about the campaign and make sure they watch the show! On Friday morning I headed out to BBC Radio Surrey to do an interview about the campaign...

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20 09 11

Our Lib Dem outing

Hi Guys! We are back after a very busy but very productive day at the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham! We headed up in the morning, and after a few unplanned trips around the canals, arrived in the right place and met up with our awesome mentor Ali Goldsworthy!

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13 09 11

Norfolk, Alexandra and Georgie - a busy week!

Wow, it's been an amazing but busy week for our campaign! This week we filmed our episode which was very exciting! On Saturday morning we got up VERY early and headed up to Norfolk for the Norfolk Spectacular. We had a crazy day, running around getting sign ups to the campaign, interviewing celebs and doing a few other awesome things that you will see in the episode.

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04 09 11

Have you met Brian yet?

We have had an awesome day today at the Norfolk Spectacular. We were lucky enough to see our amazing celebrity mentor Alexandra Burke again and see her perform on stage.

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03 09 11

Sign Up, Speak Up, Saves Lives heads for Norfolk

Today we are going to the Norfolk Spectacular to film our TV episode for battlefront and we are verryyyy exciteeeddd!!!! To show support for our campaign while we are out campaigning you can make a ‘handy heart’ in a picture. This is showing that you support organ donation awareness J

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24 08 11

Hope: West country campaign trail

Hi, it's Hope here. I'm at my dad's at the moment in Chippenham :), but thought I'd give all you lovely people a quick update! I've been having a great time - most of the fun centred of doing a photoshoot in a B&Q and demolishing a caravan :) Plus, my awesome stepmum has said that I can do some Battlefront campaigning in the shopping centre where she works, so my stepsister Talia is going to be campaigning with me as well.

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24 08 11

Hope: Kicking it in Chippenham

Hiya it's Hope here from Sign Up, Speak Up, Save Lives :) Today was a very busy day in Chippenham. Armed with t-shirts badges and flyers we hit Emery Gate shopping centre. My sister and stepsister were helping and we got lots of people signing up to the campaign and also the organ donor register. Thanks also to all of the staff in Boswells, Curry's. Costa, Card Factory and Clarks for all the pictures and support :)

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18 08 11

Abby: We have more say than we think

Hi Everyone! Abby here, hope you’re all enjoying this summer, it’s been very busy for me so far! On Friday I had the great opportunity to attend the special Young Voters Question Time on the riots! I had a rather panicked rush up there, as I was coming after work and wasn’t sure I’d make it in time.

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11 08 11

Hope: My thoughts on the UK riots

Hi, Hope here. I wanted to talk about my hometown of Croydon and how the riots have affected it. These are my thoughts on the riots, and the people who have taken part in them...

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