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Hi guys, it's Hope here :) 

On Friday 5th August, I was lucky enough to be able to go with the Battlefront team to the Underage Festival in Hackney. 

We started by filming the intro for a video and then we went straight into some great campaigning - getting loads of people to sign up to our campaigns. 

It was great to see Joseph and Hafsah from the Ready For Work campaign and Billy from the Find The Sport You Love campaign there too! 

After a couple of hours of getting people signed up to the campaigns I had a great opportunity to do an interview with Rizzle Kicks, they were lovely and were really supportive of our Sign Up, Speak Up, Save Lives campaign. 

When I got back to the stall, Joseph and Hafsah came round, they were filming their actual episode and asked if me and Billy would get people to sign up to their campaign as they had to sign up as many people as possible, so we spent some time on the iPads getting as many people as possible to support Ready For Work. We're nice like that!

After a final interview with the band Your Girl Likes Us and a few failed attempts of playing Operation, a VERY annoying shouty Coca-Cola man and a totally awesome day of campaigning, it was time to go home - phew! 

If you like what we're doing and haven't already, please like our facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter, or if you don't do the whole social thing you can officially pledge your support to our campaign. Thanks for all the support so far, watch this space for more stuff soon! =)