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The campaigners: Hope and Abby

Hope is a great name for a campaigner cos hope is like faith: you gotta have it if you wanna achieve big things. And that’s exactly what Hope plans to do with her and Abby’s Sign Up, Speak Up, Save Lives campaign. The fab 15-year-old is already kicking serious Battlefront behind; just ask her new mate, Alexandra Burke.

AbbyHope’s tag-team partner, Abby, is a 21-year-old Bath University student who’s not afraid to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for what she believes in! And the thing that Abby and Hope are fighting for is greater awareness around organ donation. “I want to get thousands more people on the register and really spread the message about organ donation,” says Abby. “I would really like to have an impact on the number of people getting their transplants as I know some people waiting who are desperately in need.”

The dynamic duo met via Abby’s sister’s charity – her sister was born with cystic fibrosis and needed a double lung transplant. She waited two years and nearly died while waiting but finally got her transplant in January 2007. Hope, meanwhile, is running the campaign because: “My little brother received a small bowel transplant in 2008. I have known people who have died waiting for a transplant so I decided to set up the campaign.”

The pair are already going great guns, having won over such supporters as TV’s Gok Wan and the aforementioned Alexandra Burke. Quite literally: awesome.

Campaign Highlights So Far:

Alison Goldsworthy

The mentor: Alison Goldsworthy

Hope and Abby will also be helped along their journey by campaigns supremo Alison. Among her many achievements, Alison was involved in the attitude changing campaign that bagged awards, and the respect of everyone on the planet. Let battle commence!


The team

The support team

Our campaigners won't just be armed with celebrities and campaigning powerhouses. They'll also be joined by like-minded and highly motivated supporters. More on these guys very soon...