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Team Battlefront hit Underage Festival on Friday to do some hardcore campaigning and serious celebrity schmoozing.  

Joseph and Hafsah (Ready For Work), Hope (Sign Up, Speak Up, Save Lives) and Billy (Find The Sport You Love) were firing on all cylinders at the awesome under-18s fest, chatting to performers and festival-goers about their campaigns and racking up loads of new supporters. 

Among the famous folk that they got some facetime with were: Labrinth, Crystal Fighters, Fugative, The Midnight Beast, CocknBullKid and Rizzle Kicks

The Battlefronters’ campaigning antics at Underage, as well as some top secret stuff that’s so top secret I’m gonna shut up about it immediately, was being filmed for the Battlefront TV show, coming to a T4 near you later this year. Hold tight for more info on that soonishly. 

And check back later this week for some Underage web-video action.