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Natural Beauty: Keeping It Real 2287 supporters

Kaya Cheyanne

Image from Natural Beauty: Keeping It Real campaign

Keeping it Real is a campaign aimed at people of all ages, but especially young people who are more likely to be adversely affected by media influence. We are aiming to promote positive body image and bring back natural beauty as opposed to the distorted pictures we see everyday all around us. We would like to see industries display our logo, not only to show support, but also as a sign that we are moving in a positive and more healthy direction.

Give Autism A Chance 6712 supporters

Bella Tommey

Image from Give Autism A Chance campaign

Because of lack of support, understanding and opportunities, most people with Autism find it impossible to get a job. My mission is to prove that by giving Autism a chance, those that suffer with it CAN put something back into society and work to support themselves and their family.

Where's Our Vote 2775 supporters

Anastasia Kyriacou

Image from Where's Our Vote campaign

Lives Not Knives 3112 supporters

Eliza Rebeiro

Image from Lives Not Knives campaign

Gangs ruin lives. My campaign is dedicated to showing young people they have other options. I want to stop the younger ones before they get caught up in gang life; and help gang members get out before it’s too late.

Lets talk disability 1969 supporters

Ella Prendergast

Avatar from Lets talk disability campaign

Hands up who has stared at a disabled person before? I have. I’ve also seen the effect that this has on my sister Nancy, who is a witty, outgoing, occasionally moody teenager, who happens to also be disabled. That’s why my campaign aims to break down the barriers between able and disabled young people. I want people to get to know the person rather than the disability.

Where is the Love? 733 supporters

Abbie Louise Davies

Image from Where is the Love? campaign

Where is the Love wants young people to be able to have sex only when they are ready to, and when they want to, and not when they feel like they have to. Too many teens feel pressured into it, or rush in to it unprepared and don’t have enough sex education at school. I think we should be safe, be secure, and be sure before heading off to bed.

The Smile High Club 1300 supporters

Ed Griffiths & Luke Franks

Avatar from The Smile High Club campaign

Meet your street 2167 supporters

Alex Loughlin

Image from Meet your street campaign

Same job same dosh 1080 supporters

Aakash Bharania

Image from Same job same dosh campaign

The current minimum wage discriminates on age and I think that’s outrageous. I’m told as a 16-year-old that I am worth less than someone over the age of 21 (£2.23 less to be exact). All I want is to be treated equally. I want the Same Job to pay the Same Dosh!

Keeping it safe online 941 supporters

Carney Bonner

Image from Keeping it safe online campaign

When we think we’re safe online, are we really? My Campaign is about keeping web users safe and highlighting the effects of cyber-bullying. I want people to understand the damage it does to victims and how it ruins lives. I want to make sure victims know they have a place to turn. I want people to stop crossing the line online.

Anti bullying shared 722 supporters

Abbi Morrall-Faulkner

Image from Anti bullying shared campaign

It’s time we got on top of bullying. Schools don’t seem to be doing all they can to stamp it out and the problem certainly isn’t going away. I want to get a Government-supported system in schools that will help victims, advise parents and provide national statistics. Let’s beat bullying together.

STOP: Gun and Knife Crime

Alex Rose

Image from STOP: Gun and Knife Crime campaign