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Heya guys,

Hope and Abby here . . .

We’ve spent the day in parliament. We were there with the aims of discussing with Anne Milton (Public Health Minister) and Mark Harper (Minister for Electoral Reform) the different ways in which we could increase the numbers of people on the Organ Donor Register.

With the help of our trusty friends (who are also political gurus) Duncan Hames – MP for Chippenham and campaign mega-master Alison Goldsworthy, we put to the ministers our idea of including the option to sign the Organ Donor Register on the new electoral registration forms.

There were several concerns regarding the idea which do need to be addressed and we are going away to have a think about how we can sort those out.

But . . . . . . . . . . .

We do have a meeting fixed with Anne Milton and Duncan Hames in January where we can further discuss ways to increase the amount of people on the ODR which is AWESOME!!!

We finished the day with a convo with our celebrity mentor Alexandra Burke to thank her for everything she has done for our campaign and how incredible it has been working with her these past few months which was lovely :)

We are both incredibly grateful for what Battlefront, and the Battlefront team, has done for us and our campaign and are really looking forward to what the new year will bring and what, with the help of our political friends, we can achieve with Anne Milton.

Remember to sign the organ donor register here:

Hope and Abby xx

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