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This week is Sexual Health Week, so it’s a big one for Shereece and her campaign.

UK sexual health charity, FPA, launch Sexual Health Week every year to get people talking about sex, just like Shereece is trying to do.

This year, they’re focusing on ‘Facts of Life’ – encouraging parents to chat to their kids about the birds and the bees. To find out more, visit the FPA’s site.

Shereece’s campaign, Let’s Talk About Sex, is also focused on encouraging young people to get more clued up about sex.

She wants peer led education, where young people teach each other about sex, to be brought into schools as part of sex education. Shereece believes that with knowledge comes a better chance of reducing the UK’s teen pregnancy rate (the highest in Western Europe) and the ridiculous amount of STIs.

To find out more about Let’s Talk About Sex, watch this hilarious but informative video:

You can also follow Shereece’s campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and pledge your support on her sign ups page.