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Hi everyone, 

I am having an amazing time in Jersey - but more on that coming the meantime:

Earlier this week I did a video blog doing the orang-utan mask task. It was great fun and caused a few stares from passers by on the beach. Hopefully my video will inspire you and to do the mask task, you can find on the masks on the Battlefront website. Remember to take a photo with your masks on and send them to [email protected]. Hopefully despite looking a bit weird in orangutan masks we can help raise awareness of the plight of the orangutans.

In other news, during last weeks Come Dine With Me, St Andrews family edition, the contestants managed to guarantee that their meal didn’t contain palm oil. I had to do detective work on their ingredients to make sure they hadn’t cheated but fortunately it turned out that they hadn’t. This was exciting as it proves it is possible to make a meal without palm oil in. Unfortunately creating a palm oil free meal is difficult as palm oil is still often labelled as a hidden ingredient, as vegetable oil, in lots of products. This makes my campaign really important as by raising  public awareness we can put pressure on companies to be more transparent when labelling of palm oil.

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P.S. My baby boy orang-utan toy still needs a name and although suggestions have been coming in, it would be great to get some more ideas.

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