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You smoke - I choke Zander Percival

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Zander Percival

You smoke I choke the animationZander Percival

You smoke - I choke


alison leigh, 31 March 2009 22:52

very effective video, love it.

luc, 13 March 2009 11:33

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Zander Percival

You smoke - I choke

Zander Percival Hertfordshire

'If you put a kid in the car with second hand cigarette smoke, you are basically killing them.'

My campaign

I want to have smoking banned in cars that carry children under the age of 16. Some countries already ban smoking in cars but in the U.K. we don’t. It’s unfair to children who have no voice or choice about inhaling second-hand smoke.

My Campaign highlights

- Being featured in the Battlefront TV series on Tuesday 2nd December at 11.30am

- Working with branding agency, Dave, on a logo and animation for my campaign

- Putting on a publicity stunt involving a car, a smoke machine and a plastic doll

- Getting a meeting with my local MP, Mike Penning to talk about my campaign

- Meeting mentor, Alex Ross and stunt agency, Cunning

How can you help?

- Put up my poster in your school

- Pass on my viral animation to your friends and family – especially if they smoke!

- Show your support by putting a comment on my Battlefront or Bebo page or joining my Facebook group

- Join me on my next stunt – coming up soon!


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I have watched your videos and think that what you are doing is amazing! Your campaign is really great and i hope that it becomes a law as it will help many children! I think your first stunt was amazing and even if you didn't get many press turning up it shows the message! What other stunts are you planning? I love you slogan and the image to go with it! I hope you contiune getting your message and good luck all the way!!!

Liz, 02 April 2009 22:03

‘I am here to say the debate is over: the science is clear’. These are the words of Dr Carmona, the US Surgeon General, spoken as he released a report which proves, scientifically, that exposure to secondhand smoke IS harmful, especially to children: And listen to this from the report: ‘Secondhand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke, is a mixture of the smoke given off by the burning end of tobacco products (sidestream smoke) and the mainstream smoke exhaled by smokers... It is harmful and hazardous to the health of the general public and particularly dangerous to children. It increases the risk of serious respiratory problems in children, such as a greater number and severity of asthma attacks and lower respiratory tract infections, and increases the risk for middle ear infections.’ Just to pick up on a few of your points 'Anon Smoker': There are all sorts of complex reasons why rates of asthma have risen over the years that are linked to food allergies and changes to our diet – but I don’t see what that has to do with smoking. Is there any evidence that smoking decreases the chances of having asthma? What is your point ‘Anon smoker’? As for your remarks about car emissions. There is a lot of work being done by governments and the car manufacturing industry to reduce them, because there is a clear admission that, yes, they are harmful. AS IS TOBACCO!!!! The difference is that the tobacco industry resists and resists and resists the irrefutable evidence of harm that is presented to them. You may have one valid point and that is that if this debate is to carried out rationally then we need to get the facts straight. That includes distinguishing between the harm caused by the direct inhalation of smoke and the harm caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. The former is far more harmful – it kills more people each year than die of AIDS, Maleria and TB put together. But secondhand smoke also causes great harm, as evidentially documented in the aforementioned report. Are you willing to have a rational debate, based on evidence? One last point: tobacco is the ONLY legal substance on sale that when used as intended by the manufacturer has a 50% chance of killing the user. Flip a coin. And apologies for any psychological damage you may be caused. Hester Rice I would like to declare an interest in this area. I with the Oxford Health Alliance, a charity, engaged in confronting the global epidemic of chronic disease. Anon Smoker: Do you have an interest to declare?

Hester Rice, 27 March 2009 16:24

Hello, just to say we watched your video in our Personal development class. I just wanted to say that what your doing is fab. I support it 100%

Hannah, 26 March 2009 21:43

No actual proof that SHS is actually dangerous? Even the tobacco companies have given up claiming that, just the way they' finally gave up on their claim that smoking doesn't cause cancer. Even FOREST who are paid for by the tobacco industry admit that you shouldn't be smoking in a car with kids in. There's no question that you're hurting children by exposing them to smoke the only question is "should the law let you get away with it?"

Zander Percival, 26 March 2009 17:05

'If you put a kid in the car with second hand cigarette smoke, you are basically killing them.' Bit of a sweeping statement, Zander. Based on what evidence exactly? And who are you trying to scare, the smoker or the kid? Do you realise the potential psychological damage this might cause? Let's put posters up that scare kids to death. What about those whose parents ignore your advice? Oh yes, fine them, almost forgot. How come you're not pushing for a ban in houses too? Is that next on the list.... It's precisely this type of unsubstantiated anti smoking propaganda that does more harm than good. Tactics such as these merely alienate smokers, who are becoming increasingly sick and tired of being made the scapegoats for illnesses that are caused by other things. Maybe you should highlight the harm caused by car emissions, particularly those with diesel engines. Paradoxically, as smoking rates decline the incidence of asthma has risen (x4 in Wales since 1970). Are you blaming smokers for that? I wasn't aware that there are far fewer vehicles on the roads now than 39 years ago. I also note that one of the posters (Adam Parker) believes, somewhat irrationally, that second hand smoke is a bigger killer than direct smoking. Brainwashed or what? I don't see you trying to convince him otherwise....perhaps you agree.

anon smoker, 14 March 2009 08:39

You know I'll help if you need me. Good luck.

Kaz, 05 March 2009 19:56

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS If anyone wants to help with a stunt I am doing which is happening in the 3rd week of March it will be based in central London. So if this interests you let me know. Z

Zander, 03 March 2009 10:37

Hello, have you made a tv advert? I've seen something very similar....

Bonnd, 09 February 2009 15:01

Thanks for replying, actually I didn't get any notification that you had replied so it was just good luck that I checked this board again. It's usually better to email people back directly as this board does not let people know if there is a reply for them (some message boards are set up to do this, others do not). It's just an idea, because not everyone comes back to check every board they visit. Yes please send me by email whatever I need to print up a poster, [email protected]

Lesley Dove, 06 February 2009 19:32

Hey Lesley Thank you very much for your interest in my campaign. Just getting waiting on getting the logo from the design company. Then I will happily either send you it in email form and you can print it to whatever size you want or you can give me a list of ones you would like and I will set them up for you. To anyone else that wants a copy of it please message me and I will happily send you one. Z

Zander, 02 February 2009 14:33

I would like to help but still do not know how to get hold of a poster from you. I emailed you on facebook and did not get a reply. I would like to ask the head teacher at my youngest child's school to put one up on the outside noticeboard where all the parents can see it, alternatively I'd like to ask my older kids' high school to display it. Please email me on Lesley @ vegan4life .org .uk (delete the spaces) as I am deadly serious about wanting to spread the word, thanks

Lesley Dove, 29 January 2009 13:39

Sarah - I am glad you like my campaign. I am not glad however you are going to smoke twice your daily intake just because it is No Smoking Day. For those of you who want to take part in an event I intend to put on to highlight this day please watch this space. Sarah - for you I have some patches...

zander, 20 January 2009 18:05

Love your campaign mate... as a committed smoker of some 10 years or so i have to say i disagree with everything you stand for, however it is heartening to see that some people still have the guts to stand up for what they believe in!! No smoking day on the 11th March? I shall make sure I double my intake!!! Lots of love.... x

sarah , 14 January 2009 21:25

Hi Happy New Year and thank you for all your comments. I know it is a tough subject and there are a lot of different views but I am really pleased that even those of you who smoke recognise the need to do something about smoking in cars. Trevor - thank you for your comment. I am currently setting up a meeting with the Head of No Smoking Day (11th March) and I have found out that Duncan Bannatyne is going to be part of it this year so as far as VIP's go I certainly hope to get his support of my campaign! I will think on other people. Until then, please keep the comments coming and if anyone wants to get involved in my campaign please contact me. And if you have any ideas for a No Smoking Day stunt I would love to hear them!!

Z, 09 January 2009 12:03

Awesome campaign - I think it's great that you are trying to change something that should be changed. Good luck!

Caroline Murphy, 07 January 2009 20:31

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