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You smoke - I choke Zander Percival

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Zander Percival

You smoke I choke the animationZander Percival

You smoke - I choke

Brilliant Campaign, I thought the simple video was very effective at getting the message across and raising awareness of the dangers to chil...

Paul L, 20 May 2009 15:09

People like you make me mad ! If people want to smoke let them smoke It has nothing to do with you !

James, 20 May 2009 12:53

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Zander Percival

You smoke - I choke

Zander Percival Hertfordshire

'If you put a kid in the car with second hand cigarette smoke, you are basically killing them.'

My campaign

I want to have smoking banned in cars that carry children under the age of 16. Some countries already ban smoking in cars but in the U.K. we don’t. It’s unfair to children who have no voice or choice about inhaling second-hand smoke.

My Campaign highlights

- Being featured in the Battlefront TV series on Tuesday 2nd December at 11.30am

- Working with branding agency, Dave, on a logo and animation for my campaign

- Putting on a publicity stunt involving a car, a smoke machine and a plastic doll

- Getting a meeting with my local MP, Mike Penning to talk about my campaign

- Meeting mentor, Alex Ross and stunt agency, Cunning

How can you help?

- Put up my poster in your school

- Pass on my viral animation to your friends and family – especially if they smoke!

- Show your support by putting a comment on my Battlefront or Bebo page

- Join me on my next stunt – coming up soon!



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Right lets get one thing straight shall we. Their is no hard found evidence that smoking kills! yes it is harmful but all the research has had input from the Government who will oppase something they feel they should! also if you think smoking is bad then why are you walking around the streets in city centres! or even better why are you driving cars that give out more poisonous gases than a cig! If i want to smoke in my car I will! and I am sorry but its about time this country stood up and deffended our right to freedom! we are a democracy not a dictatorship!! and I will say it again. smokers pay for the NHS to function for 5 years with 1 years Tabocco revenue! so dont ever tell me smokers are a drain on the society!

Rick, 18 May 2009 11:15

i am 14 and agree strongly with your campain, not only does it blow right into the people in the backs faces but the smoker has to take their hand off the steering wheel to take a drag yet it's ilegal to eat or drink, whats the difference! smokers arn't all bad people but your killing and harming others even your own children. - your doing a great job keep up the hard work.

loesha, 15 May 2009 17:01

hi i think your doing a really great job! i also think that ppl shouldn't be allowed to smoke around children at all! it's almost abuse puttin a childs health at risk for your own pleasure... it's just wrong keep up the good work :)

Kara, 14 May 2009 20:36

Hi Zander, think you are doing a marvellous job. Banning smoking in cars is something my dad has felt strongly about for quite a long time. But only now have I realised the fact after observing your campaign that its not fair on children. Had a really great time protesting with you and the others at the BAT protest. Was a great experience. Best Wishes, Zazz

Zazz, 14 May 2009 10:26

wouldnt it be a wise idea for the parent to open the windows, so the smoke goes out the window, then they are having either nowhere near the amount of smoke, or down to zero, but, how would you be able to completly ban smoking in cars, people are still gonna do it, its kinda hard to track every single driver

Tom, 13 May 2009 19:35

I am 21 and a smoker and do not agree with smoking around children, as they do not have the choice to decide. I myself would never dream of smoking in a car if i was taking care of children. But if you're trying to tackle smoking in cars using children as the basis, then you really need to tackle people who smoke in their houses as well. These children also dont have the choice to decide whether their parents smoke in their house or not, so they're still being exposed to harmful smoke all the time. So really, the problem is not being solved. Children are continuing to breathe the smoke of the people that take care of them. Smoke around children is an issue bigger than you could take on, as you'd really have to tackle smoking everywhere where that children could be, or what difference are you actually making?

Julia, 13 May 2009 18:34

As u can see zander, a lot of people are disgusted that you have the temerity to force your non-campaign upon them when there are millions of more important things to campaign for or against, this is extremely offensive as a "battlefront" and you should be ashamed. I, for one, am against this infringement of civil liberty - a solid foundation on which britain is based. disgraceful!!

richard harper, 13 May 2009 15:24

Hester, just seen your response (haven't visited for a while). I see some posters are being denied free speech. Anyway, I suppose it's all for the good - when it comes to smoking dissent is not permitted. We must believe everything we are told, even if a lot smoking facts are the result of research funded by ‘impartial’ pharmaceutical companies. I note that OHS has substantial commercial sponsorship, including (somewhat bizarrely) a manufacturer of healthy beverages ‘Pepsico’. These facts are then fed to ‘charities’ such as OHS, whose employees (e.g, you) are paid to lobby governments to introduce further legislation. As for vested interests, unlike you, I have none (at least no financial ones). I am aware that there are valid counter arguments to what you and your paymasters would have the public believe. Perhaps you are also. Unfortunately, there are few ways whereby such opinions are able to be aired in the mainstream media.

anon smoker, 13 May 2009 14:54

Hi, I am a smoker and I smoke because I want to! I am sorry but their is far too much bad press on smoking. The fact that the revenue from Tobacco product in one year is enough to pay for smoking related illnesses for 5 years in my eyes means that we as smokers should be allowed to do so! If you dont like it then I tell you what why not just stay inside because the fumes from smoking are in no way out done by the fumes from cars!

Ricky, 13 May 2009 11:52

I assume you will ban children from also aim to ban 1.getting in and out of a vehicle whose engine is swtiched on 2. opening the windows when in traffice 3. allowing children to alight from a vehicle in proximity to other vehicles Each of these situations will result in the child be exposed to a comparable level of toxins as they would from a parent smoking in a vehicle. Have you considered dictating what parents do in the home with regards to smoking? I think it is also important you extend the campaign to what food you are allowed to serve to minors both in the home and outside of the home - with obesity being a big issue for the health services, we should begin to clamp down on that also (less smokers, less tax, less people to subsidise the impact of obesity in hospitals). we should then extend the campaign to allow non-democratic institutions to lobby the governement with a view to imposing non democratic and condesending legislation to the populace on the grounds that democracy and an englishmans' freedom is dependent upon their social status (middle class) and drive to impose their views upon the nation (views derived from a limited education and a myopic view of degredation of human rights and freedoms within this country).

andy smith, 12 May 2009 18:45

Hey zander, well done at the protest, i think done the job!!!! c u soon in sunny wales???

che, 01 May 2009 19:39

Just checking in again, not heard anything for a few weeks, I expect I've missed something important by now, although hope I am still on your list to be informed when something is happening. My last email to Caroline at Battlefront I did not get a reply, about a month ago. Did you ever find a school that would get involved in your latest idea? I did try at my daughter's school, they put up the poster but didn't seem willing to get more involved, I was a little disappointed too.

Lesley, 01 May 2009 11:42

hey, i still think your campaign is amazing and thought i had to leave you another message. you do know, i want to help anyway possible and couldnt be supporting "you smoke - i choke" more, i wish there was more i could do. anyway, never give up on it, you are doing great, no matter how hard it gets. as i said - amazing campaign! much love, veronika from austria xxxxxx

veronika, 27 April 2009 20:52

Hear hear Hester! I find it absolutely mind blowing that groups exist out there to specifically refute medical research in a bid to keep people smoking and addicted to this toxic habit. WHO (no pun intended) in their right mind would want to promote smoking in the vicinity of children anyway???? As an ex smoker myself I am aware of the addictive qualities of this drug and am SOOO pleased I told myself relying on nicotine was absolutely insane, changed my mindset and gave up immediately. I do not have children but if I did I would have NEVER smoked around them. EVER. Keep going Zander - and btw what is happening with your event??

Caroline , 15 April 2009 12:31

Fantastic! Well done. More needs to be done to highlight this problem. Why shoulds kids be subjected to smoke. My Grandfather smoked (and died from it) and used to puff all over us in his car. It was disgusting. MPs should get behind this and make it law. It should be illegal to smoke in cars with non-smoking adults too but at least adults can choose to not get in.

Kate, 14 April 2009 20:26

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