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You smoke - I choke Zander Percival

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Zander Percival

Zander Percival

You smoke - I choke


Zander Percival

You smoke - I choke

Zander Percival Hertfordshire

'If you put a kid in the car with second hand cigarette smoke, you are basically killing them.'

My campaign

I want to have smoking banned in cars that carry children under the age of 16. Some countries already ban smoking in cars but in the U.K. we don’t. It’s unfair to children who have no voice or choice about inhaling second-hand smoke.

My Campaign highlights

- Being featured in the Battlefront TV series on Tuesday 2nd December at 11.30am

- Working with branding agency, Dave, on a logo and animation for my campaign

- Putting on a publicity stunt involving a car, a smoke machine and a plastic doll

- Getting a meeting with my local MP, Mike Penning to talk about my campaign

- Meeting mentor, Alex Ross and stunt agency, Cunning

How can you help?

- Put up my poster in your school

- Pass on my viral animation to your friends and family – especially if they smoke!

- Show your support by putting a comment on my Battlefront or Bebo page

- Join me on my next stunt – coming up soon!



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Smoking is bad and I like that your raising awarness about the affects of smoking.

Simeon, 19 January 2010 05:44

I think smoking should stop, because its bad.

Name, 19 January 2010 05:44

I think this is a good campaign because your sending out a message to all drivers to stop smoking and i agree with about children under the age of 16 not having the courage to tell the drivers to stop smoking and inhaling the smoke.I think your doing really well and i hope that your message gets across the uk and other countries around the world. Good luck !!!

Rahela, 13 January 2010 08:54

I think this is a good campaign because is not fair for those people who have to inhale the crap that someone else is smoking!

Yesim, 13 January 2010 08:47

i thought it was banned all together in cars in england ?! hm proves how much i know about this campaign i would love to find out more and maybe help more or something.

Laura Hill, 02 December 2009 13:15

I watched the Programme on Channel 4. I think its a great idea getting a ban on Parents smoking in the car whilst their children are in it. Good on it.

Jordan , 14 October 2009 11:37

hey :) i understand your point but you cant really stop every single car and look if there is an under 16 child and the adult is smoking that would be hard and difficult for u ! but i would do the same because when i was about 5 i was in the car and adults were smoking and i had to get rushed to the hospital. Good luck :)

savannah, 13 October 2009 12:33

i really like what you're doing i hope you do well

harvey , 13 October 2009 09:48

Hi Zander, just saw the programme this morning - well impressed with your campaign! A few observations.......agree with David (below) that it would be hugely difficult to get a law passed, let alone enforced, but the best approach here is to get the message across to parents, of course, but also to kids who can 'badger' their parents, as my kids did to me!! Alice's comments (below) ring enormous bells with me: as a smoker for 35 years, I just used to smoke while driving and thought my wife and kids were "making a fuss", but having quit smoking (8 years ago now) I realize just how ghastly it is having smoke forced on you. I know it's easy for me to say this now, but I just feel - and always will - so GUILTY at having subjected them to my habit for years and only wish I could turn back the clock and undo the harm I've done. DON'T TAKE ANY NOTICE AT ALL of the idiots who waffle on about 'liberties', 'nanny states', etc, etc, - you're doing something incredibly worthwhile and if there's anything at all I can do to help, please get in touch. PS - thought the animation the guys did for you was fantastic - isn't there anyone at Channel 4 who could do something about getting it on TV regularly as a "public information" film?

Graham Clarke, 13 October 2009 06:51

This is a fantastic campaign which, although aimed at bringing in a specific law to protect under 16s from smoking in cars, raises awareness of the damaging effects of secondary smoking on people of all ages and in all situations. The tag line 'You Smoke, I choke!' is brilliant - the publicity materials should be given out free, perhaps funded by anti-smoking bodies, such as the NHS.

Brian Silk, 13 October 2009 05:05

Great idea- I wish it was illegal to smoke in the car with children. On long journeys my husband insists on having a smoke out the window- thing's not out the window- it blows on to us but especially my children in the back. Whatever I say, or whatever my children say makes no difference- perhaps if he might get a fine he'd stop.

Alice Ward, 13 October 2009 04:48

Hi Zander, Just watching the show at the moment. I think you have some great ideas. Personally I think that it is more important to create awareness then to create a law. I don't think many parents would purposely hurt their children if they were aware of the effects.

David, 13 October 2009 04:46

Thanks for shouting us for us kids. Sometimes our voices arent enough. (:

Georgia Harmonica, 21 September 2009 05:33 Hi Zander, great campaign!Just wanted to point out an article I saw today on this issue =)

Star, 17 June 2009 17:26

Why not highlight other alternatives to cigarettes such as nicotine gum or nicotine vapourisers. I use a vapouriser when my son is traveling in the car with me. It might not be as good as the real thing but you can use it in planes and pubs too. Everyones a winner

Byrnsey, 10 June 2009 14:36

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