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Hey everyone!

Well it’s Day 2 of sign up week, and we wanted to update you on how things are going!

As you know, we’ve been having a bit of a friendly competition to see who can get the most sign-ups. The winner gets the chance to wear a smug look for a whole day.

We won’t know the total until the final day of this week... but it’s getting close! Against better instincts we have just compared notes... and it’s practically neck and neck!

Abby’s on 100 after doing a couple of days campaigning in her Uni – so many students who haven’t signed up to the register everywhere. It’s a great place to campaign and a brilliant total so far.

Sadly I don’t have access to thousands of willing Uni students, but I have done my best by doing a day campaigning at my school fair, and also frozen my fingers off all day in Covent Garden yesterday. And guess what? I’m on 99! That’s 99! Only one away from Abby!

So there you go. Abby’s in Bristol at the moment getting more sign-up’s, so she might have gotten a bit ahead by the end of the day... but for now, it’s game on!

More on my day on Covent Garden coming in my next blog, and also look out for the videos of X-Factor winner Shanye Ward and RnB star Loick Essien, who kindly came out for a bit to support me.

And remember, you can sign the organ donor register here:

Good luck in Bristol today Abby!

Hope xx

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