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This week has been interesting!

I have a treat for all the Made In Chelsea fans. I did a sketch with Francis and it was great to meet him. I cant wait for you to see the sketch!

I was amazed how down to earth he was and it was super fun to share the day with him. We even got to share our opinions on the London riots during a break, which was interesting because we both live in London but OBVIOUSLY we lead completely different lifestyles and live in different locations, you could say WORLDS apart.

We didnt agree on everything but we both agreed no good can come from the riots.

So overall it was just nice to hear what he had to say. The shoot was a huge laugh and I decided - I'm stealing Mawaan's mum. Lovely Woman! She let us shoot in her house and was the most welcoming and gracious host! The sketch features Francis Boulle, Mawaan, his Mum and myself and we had tons of fun making it so we REALLY hope you enjoy it when its up x

In the meantime, here're some behind the scenes pics taken on the day.

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