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OK... so a little update! I was lucky enough to be invited down to be on BBC Radio 1, for their Sunday night show The Surgery.

It was all about sex and was hosted by the amazingly talented Aled Jones and Gemma Cairney. It was a truly amazing night with a few special guests including medical professionals, a live studio audience and also celebs, can you believe I met Ms Dynamite...  it was incredible!

Shereece and Ms Dynamite

I found it amazing how open but yet comfortable the atmosphere was for such a ‘taboo’ topic! People could call, text, tweet and a few other ways, to get their questions, queries or opinions through, and they ranged from the basics of what is sex, to relationship issues reguarding sex. It was a late night for me BUT I really didn't care. I had such an incredible night and am truly grateful for my invite. Another wristband for my collection!!!

At the end of the show I was lucky enough to speak to the bubbly hosts, who gave me their opinions on the peer to peer approach of teaching sex education.

They related my campaign to their show, which works also as a peer to peer outlet, as it is still young people speaking to other young people, getting advice and guidance.

They also told me how their sex education was at school and I was completely shocked, because every time I ask I get a different version of another BAD experience! Here's what Aled and Gemma had to say:


So, that's what I've been up to. Please don't let your own awful experiences go to waste. Support my campaign for better sex education on Twitter and Facebook so we can spare future generations from the same issues.